Sandwich Cookies Smothered in Chocolate

It's pretty simple!  We take our favorite chocolate sandwich cookies  you know, the ones with the vanilla cream center  then we smother them in our finest White or Dark chocolate. The result? An absolutely yummy dessert, gift or special treat fit for your best company. Or maybe you'll just indulge yourself  in this guilty pleasure.  Shhh, don't worry, we won't tell!

  Chocolate covered chocolate sandwich cookies by KRM

"We served your dipped cookies to our bridge club... they loved 'em!"   Ron and Art, San Francisco, CA

White Chocolate Covered  
Chocolate-covered chocolate sandwich cookies hand-dipped in fine White Chocolate. Sold in boxes of 5 cookies or 10 cookies. 

White Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Covered   
Chocolate-covered chocolate sandwich cookies hand-dipped in fine Dark Chocolate. Sold in boxes of 5 cookies or 10 cookies.

Dark Chocolate
Sampler of White and Dark  
Can't decide whether to order White or Dark? Try a Sampler containing both! Sold in boxes of 5 cookies or 10 cookies. 

White/Dark Sampler
Warning:  All KRM Chocolates contain dairy products.  All KRM Cocolates may contain nuts.  Before enjoying our Hand-Dipped Chocolate Sandwich Cookies or other KRM Chocolates products, please consider allergies.